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What did Idi Amin give Saudi Arabia for his political asylum What did Idi Amin give Saudi Arabia for his political asylum After his death at 37 Military Hospital - the bats never returned After his death at 37 Military Hospital - the bats never returned Popular Ghanaian musician confirmed dead after being rushed to 37 Military Hospital Popular Ghanaian musician confirmed dead after being rushed to 37 Military Hospital
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Polygamy is not a sin Leader of Common Sense Family Avram Ben Moshe
Polygamy is not a sin Leader of Common Sense Family Avram Ben Moshe
Popular Ghanaian musician confirmed dead after being rushed to 37 Military HospitalMay 06, 2022admin0
Popular Ghanaian Musician Nana Nsiah Piesie has been confirmed dead after he was rushed in an ambulance to the 37 Military Hospital. This Musician is widely known for his “Police Abaa Akonti” song. According to his brother and spiritual father Osofo Botwoo, the music legend had an accident at Pokuase in theGreater Accra Region.Unfortunately, when he was rushed to the 37 Military Hospital, he was not taken care of because . They referred him to the Greater Accra Regional Hospital where' he died. ” It is with [...]
After his death at 37 Military Hospital - the bats never returnedMay 06, 2022admin0
spiritual story behind the millions of bats living on trees around the 37 military hospital in Accra. According to her, the bats belonged to a very powerful king from the Eastern Region town of Kyebi who was on admission at the 37 Military Hospital. While on admission, the birds reportedly followed him up mysteriously to the hospital. Few days later, the King reportedly died and the bats never returned until now. Perhaps they were thinking that the Chief would have survived so that they move with [...]
What did Idi Amin give Saudi Arabia for his political asylumApril 30, 2022admin13
Idi Amin Dada’s reign from 1971 to 1979 as Uganda’s third president was a curious period. Often praised by some as putting Europeans in their place by not giving them a pride of place in the country and often compelling some white men to carry him in palanquins, others thought otherwise. The critics label Dada as a de facto military dictator who was corrupt, bereft of leadership skills for state governance and murderous of political opponents and any one including an ex-wife. Idi Amin is also noted for his expulsion of foreign nationals in Uganda at the time [...]
Two Officers From Africa Fighting For Russia Against Ukraine Confirmed Dead On Battle FieldMarch 29, 2022admin29
The war between- Ukraine and Russia has become something serious. Aside the numerous properties that were damaged as a result of the war, some civilians and military officers have also died as a result of the war. It is our fervent Prayer that this war will end as soon as possible in other to avoid the shedding of innocent blood. President Puttin and The Ukraine President must build consensus so that the war can stop.This particular war have persisted to the extend of affecting Africa countries. Economies of some Africa countries are now terrible as a [...]
Era Of Nana Ntim Gyakari - A Discovery History Made By Gweede Baakop3March 17, 2022admin0
The 1690s though mark the beginning of the decline of the Denkyira kingdom :firstly , wars on several fronts with Aowin and wasa to its south to control the trade corridor to the coast stretched its gold and manpower resources thin. And then the great Dakabere Boa Amponsem was consumed with hubris. This caused the European Willem Bosman, a merchant in the service of the Dutch West India Company to observe his memoirs: ‘’Denkyira elevated by its riches and power ,became arrogant that its looked at all other Negroes with contemptible eye, esteeming them to more than slaves ‘’(reprinted in [...]
My mother ruined my fathers plans for us when she abandoned himMarch 17, 2022admin0
Shatta Wale has said that his mother’s decision to abandon his father caused him to have a difficult childhood.According to the Reggae dancehall act, but for his mother’s choice to run away from home, his father’s great plans for their family would have materialized. Detailing how his mother’s decision made his life very tough, he said when he told his father about his inability to catch up with the numerous subjects they were taught in Senior High School (SHS), his father decided to relocate their family [...]
Ramadan begins 02 April 2022 - Insha AllahMarch 15, 2022admin3
Ramadan begins 02 April 2022 - Insha Allah.The prophet Muhammad (saw) said Who ever informed Others the day of Ramadan, the hell fire is Haram for him/her. I have done mine so Please pass the Information.This Broadcasting is promoted by Nkoso Guy Guys and published by Haita.The ninth month of the Islamic calendar is dedicated to fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. Ramadan begins 10 to 12 days earlier each year due to the fact that the Islamic calendar [...]
Kotoka International Airport Wins The Best Airport in Africa For The Third TimeMarch 13, 2022admin0
Ghana’s Kotoka International Airport has been awarded the 2021 Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Award by Airports Council International (ACI) for the Best Airport in Africa by Size and Region (2 - 5 million passengers a year).This is the 3rd time Kotoka Airport is receiving this award, as it was also adjudged the best airport in 2019 and 2020.Kotoka International Airport is an international airport in Accra, the [...]
NPP Executives Involved In Fatal Accident - 6 Reported DeadMarch 13, 2022admin0
The New Patriotic Party member of Parliament for Hohoe Honorable John Peter Amewu has confirmed the death of six ---executive members of the New Patriotic Party. This include two topmost NPP Executives. Their untimely death was reportedly met on the Hohoe-Jasikan Road during a fatal accident.According to the MP, he was told that the victims were returning from a wedding ceremony in Jasikan. The deceased are Makaila Ussif who is the New Patriotic Party polling station ---executive for EP Primary school and Mubarik Mangozy. Unfortunately, the other [...]
Five - 5 Popular Musicians In Ghana Who Are Chiefs Or QueensMarch 13, 2022admin0
There are quite a number of celebrities in Ghana that have chieftaincy positions in their hometown. The following musicians have various chieftaincy positions in their hometowns or other parts of the country.#1. Kuame Eugene Kuame Eugene is the current Youth Chief (Mmrantehene) at Tepa in the Ashanti Region. The installment took place in the town of Tepa during a special concert in January, 2022. #2. Shatta Wale The Dancehall musician is currently a chief in the Northern region. He was installed as the chief during his "Reign” concert [...]
You are making dangerous move – Russia warns US against transferring weapons to UkraineMarch 13, 2022admin1
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergei Ryabkov, has warned the United States (US) about the potential consequences of transferring weapons to Ukraine.Ryabkov said that convoys with foreign weapons would be “legitimate targets,” adding that the US would be making a ‘dangerous move.’ He stated this on Saturday on the state-run Channel One, according to Russia’s state-owned RIA Novosti news agency. Ryabkov said, “We warned the United States that pumping Ukraine with weapons from a number of countries orchestrated by them is not just a dangerous move, [...]
Signs of the end time - Apostle Amoako Attah drops another message to the worldMarch 13, 2022admin0
Prophet Francis Amoako Attah speaks about the end time today 8th February 2022 on Angel TV this morning on Anopa Bofo show. The man of God drops two powerful Quotations from the Bible to prove the signs of the end time. The first Bible verse was derived from Daniel Chapter 12. Prophet Francis Amoako Attah explain that, when God revealed the end time to Daniel, he was told to seal it until the time approach where''by the message will made known to the world. [...]
Ilhan Omar opposes sanctions for Russia because Russia is not IsraelMarch 13, 2022admin0
You can add Russia to the list of countries that Rep. Ilhan Omar opposes sanctioning while supporting sanctions against Israel. The Minnesota Democrat, who supports sanctioning Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and Russian oligarchs but opposes “broad-based sanctions,” voted against a bill that would ban Russian oil and expand sanctions on Russia. Omar opposed the bill because of the “devastating impact” it would have on the Russian people. Of course, this has never been a concern of hers when it comes to the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement against [...]
Kantanka tests first missile made in GhanaMarch 13, 2022admin22
Kantanka Automobile, a Ghana based automotive company has tested its first missile made in the West African country.A video on social media showed the missile could travel about 1000 feet. It is unclear what the full details of this Kantanka made missile is, but we think it's a good start and innovation that deserves attention and support. Kantanka Automobile designs, manufactures, assembles and sells luxury cars. It was established in 1994 by Kwadwo Safo Kantanka and incorporated as a limited [...]
Rest In Peace Captain Fuseini - May Your Soul Enjoy HeavenMarch 11, 2022admin0
On the first Sunday of this month March,2022.A young and energetic boy between- the ages of 15-18 years was announced dead through rumors spreading quickly at his place of stay with his mum.Legit sources claimed he is nickname by Captain Fuseini and he schooled at Obuasi Senior High Technical School.What ever may be the cause,no man can bear judgement for Allah.He was actually a good friend to Okasha,STB's brother.Dear mum of our beloved brother...May Allah be your companion till then.NKOSO GUY GUYSFANS OF STBABODAM ASUODEN CISSEOBUASI CRIP NIGGARSCONTAINER BOYSPARKER COMMANDER 1TUTUKANADA BLOOD NIGGARSUNTOUCHABLE GANGODUMASI [...]
Saturday 12th March 2022 7pm is the launching of the Face of Ambrose AwardsMarch 11, 2022admin2
Saturday 12th march, 2022 7pm is the launching of the face of Ambrose awards.Let's all near and dear ones join hands together to vote for Afia Odo ( Gloria Yeboah )Gloria Yeboah known by stage name as Afia Odo is competing for this year's Face of Ambrose 2022.We encourage the general students of Saint Ambrose College to vote for Afia Odo...Afia Odo who holds four beauty contest awards is the best option for you guys and girls out there thinking of whom to count your vote on.Afia Odo [...]
Distribute Your Music To Thousands Of Audience Worldwide - StreetMusic StoreMarch 11, 2022admin0
This is a promotional website only, All the downloadable content provided on this site (All materials) is for testing/ promotion purposes only. All files placed here are for introducing purpose.We highly ENCOURAGE users to BUY the CDs or DVDs of the movie or the music they like. Please, buy original Songs/contents from author or developer site! All files found on this site have been collected from various sources across the web and are believed to be in the "public domain". All the [...]
Adansiweb Premium Ads Now Enters Into Agreement with Link MergerMarch 11, 2022admin0
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Let Us All Vote For Gloria Yeboah As Afia Odo In This 2022 Face Of AmbroseMarch 08, 2022admin12
Event Name : 2022  Face of Ambrose.Let Us All Vote For Gloria Yeboah(Afia Odo) In The Ongoing Face Of AmbroseThe beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years.Educational Level : TertiaryVenue : Saint Ambrose College of Education (Dormaa - Akwamu)"When the inner beauty exceeds the outward beauty–it creates a magical dance in the heart." "Outer [...]
I Will Continue To Expose Avraham Ben Moshe- Actor Sean PaulMarch 04, 2022admin0
Kumawood actor Sean Paul has said that he will continue to expose Avraham Ben Moshe and any other person who goes contrary to the bible. He made this disclosure speaking to Drusilla on ‘What Happened?’ on Razak Ghana TV. According to the actor, he has no intention to use Avraham’s name to amass money but ‘bad teachings have become rampant and everyone wants to use that to make money. It is not only him. If I see that anyone be it a pastor or whoever talking rubbish I will fire. [...]