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What did Idi Amin give Saudi Arabia for his political asylum What did Idi Amin give Saudi Arabia for his political asylum After his death at 37 Military Hospital - the bats never returned After his death at 37 Military Hospital - the bats never returned Popular Ghanaian musician confirmed dead after being rushed to 37 Military Hospital Popular Ghanaian musician confirmed dead after being rushed to 37 Military Hospital
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Kotoko gets new GHC524,000 training pitch
Kotoko gets new GHC524,000 training pitch
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Saturday 12th March 2022 7pm is the launching of the Face of Ambrose AwardsMarch 11, 2022admin2
Saturday 12th march, 2022 7pm is the launching of the face of Ambrose awards.Let's all near and dear ones join hands together to vote for Afia Odo ( Gloria Yeboah )Gloria Yeboah known by stage name as Afia Odo is competing for this year's Face of Ambrose 2022.We encourage the general students of Saint Ambrose College to vote for Afia Odo...Afia Odo who holds four beauty contest awards is the best option for you guys and girls out there thinking of whom to count your vote on.Afia Odo [...]
Let Us All Vote For Gloria Yeboah As Afia Odo In This 2022 Face Of AmbroseMarch 08, 2022admin12
Event Name : 2022  Face of Ambrose.Let Us All Vote For Gloria Yeboah(Afia Odo) In The Ongoing Face Of AmbroseThe beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years.Educational Level : TertiaryVenue : Saint Ambrose College of Education (Dormaa - Akwamu)"When the inner beauty exceeds the outward beauty–it creates a magical dance in the heart." "Outer [...]
Obuasi Senior High Technical SchoolMarch 02, 2022admin0
Obuasi Senior High Technical School is a co-educational second-cycle public high school institution at Obuasi in the Obuasi Municipal District of the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Recently, Obuasi sec tech reached the quarter finals of the National Science and Maths Competition NSMQ and also a seeded school.They have won the Ashanti regional Milo soccer competition twice (2005) with their recent glory in 2015.With the Zonal inter colleges Athletics competition, they have won that several number of times [...]
Uganda - Man wants The Govt to allow him to test his locally made missileMarch 01, 2022admin0
UGANDAN man wants the Government to allow him to test his locally made missile – He claims he can also make a rocket launcher. Anatoli Kiiiza, a 32-year-old man from neighboring Uganda, has asked Ugandan Government under the leadership of the no-nonsense President Yoweri Museveni to allow him to test his locally made missile. Ugandan man wants the Government to allow him to test his locally made missile – He claims he can also make a rocket launcher. In 2016, he made the same request to the [...]
Ghanaian University Student Turns Plastic Wastes Into FuelFebruary 27, 2022admin0
The youth in Ghana are really blessed with amazing talents. In a video which is making waves on the internet, a Ghanaian student by name Mustapha Ibrahim has designed a system which turns plastic wastes into both fuel.Mustapha Ibrahim is an Accounting student at Akenten Appiah Menka University Of Skills Training and Entrepreneurial Development(AAMUSTED) and has developed a scientific system that transforms plastic wastes into fuel. The system he used is a bit complicated but the end result shows a perfection. He used plastic wastes [...]
Credit Card Information Generate Hacking Tool to TermuxFebruary 05, 2022admin1
Credit Card Information Generate Hacking Tool to Termux ✓ apt update && apt upgrade ✓ apt install python ✓ apt install git ✓ git clone ✓ cd Card-Number ✓ ls ✓ chomd 777 ✓ sh Card.shChoose amount of credit cards as 10 and delay 2 Count : 10 Delay : 2 [...]
What is the full meaning of moneyJanuary 31, 2022admin0
Money is the legal tender or a medium of exchange which is used in buying and selling. Everyone in this world need it no matter who you are weather you are king, president, minister I mean everyone. The reason why we are suffering on this planet earth is because of money.Upon my investigation, specification and analysis I came out with the full meaning of money. Wasting no time let go straight to the main point. M=many people know me much. O=only a few have me more. N=nothing can be done without me. E=everything is done by me. Y=yes am [...]
Scientists discovered a massive new world and they have no idea how it formedJanuary 29, 2022admin0
The European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope—yes, that’s actually the name—has discovered a brand-new world. The planet in question is located 325 light-years away from Earth, in the Centaurus constellation. The planet itself orbits b Centauri, a two-star system that you can often see with the naked eye. Scientists say that this star system is the hottest planet-hosting system that we know of. It is now known as b Centauri (AB)b, or b Centauri b. Additionally, scientists found that the new world orbits its star over 100 times the distance between-- Jupiter and the Sun. [...]
6 Reasons why fishes fall from the sky during heavy rainJanuary 29, 2022admin0
Fish can tumble from the sky, particularly during a tempest. These events are not powerful; there is a logical clarification for them. To comprehend the reason why these occurrences happened, we should initially characterize a twister and a tornadic waterspout.What is the distinction between- a twister and a tornadic waterspout? A cyclone is characterized as a viciously pivoting section of air in touch with both the Earth's surface and a cumulonimbus cloud or, in uncommon cases, the foundation of a cumulus cloud. This cyclone is typically found ashore. Tornadic [...]
2022 best cardable websites to card with live CCJanuary 09, 2022admin0
In today’s guide, I am disclosing the best cardable websites to card with live CC.A typical cardable website does not use the MasterCard secure code or Visa verification to authenticate transactions, and it supports international shipping. Its shipping policies further allows items to be shipped to both the address of the CC and the address in your account. Moreover, the company will deliver your item even when you are not at home.We have several thousands [...]
Tips for parenting preteensMarch 21, 2020Obuasionline_Gh0
tips for teenageThe hardest stage in the life of a child is preteen. This is where the mental powers of the child are developing, and distinguishing right from wrong is very difficult. Therefore, parents are advised to work hard so much so that they prepare the future of their children. With this in mind, Obuasionline is set to dish out other important tips in this article. Parents, please consider this article, as well as the previous one, carefully. Teach [...]
Education & Technology Ghana IncoporationsAugust 10, 2019Edutech_Gh2
Welcome To Edutech Ghana.Join Millions Of Students World Wide And Start New Journey Of Classic Promo And Coupons. See Professionals And Celebrities Post, Advert, Survey, Success Stories And Media & Youtube Updates. Check Out Our Website From The Web Directory. ...-Edutechgh.Ga-... [...]
Edutechgh.GaAugust 10, 2019Edutech_Gh1
Edutech Ghana Is The Name. Youth Empowerment Is The Movement.Energy Within Highest Level.Team, Team Move. History, The Gweedelonians. Education, The Gweedeology. Future, The Gweedeism ... -...- [...]
Edutechgh.GaAugust 08, 2019Coebc0
Join Millions Of People On Edutech.Ga.Find Professional Teachers Here,Partake In Solving Past Questions, Discuss Lessons, Sell html+php+javascript Codes Online With Our Daily 2000+ Search Enjine Request, Join Surf To Earn Points. Add Website In Our Affiliate Program And Get Paid Per Organic Traffic Impression. Create A New Company,get 1000 Views And Request For Affiliate Program To Start Earning. Start Now Free Account Registration [...]
coebcgh.wapkiz.comAugust 04, 2019Angela0
Obuasionline Internet Schools Of Technology And Research...Are You New Online Or Looking For How To Earn Money Or Start Your Own Broadcasting Platform,then Look No Further.OISTR College Of Programing And Webdevelopment Is Here To Take You With Just 3 Months And Cheap Certificate At GhC250.00 For Beginners.No Registration Fee And 24/7 Staff Assistance...Try Our Services [...]
Oafrica.TkJuly 08, 2019Gweede0
The Efficiency Of Training Ghana Youth To Become A Scout Participant. Learn The Laws, Understand The Principles And Apply It Daily In Maximum Best [...]