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What Does Ghana Mean-Ghana Name Definition and Origin
What Does Ghana Mean-Ghana Name Definition and Origin
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Quotes of Saint Gweede Baakop3January 09, 2022admin0
Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.A bird in hand,is better than two in the bush.My friend,remember the video with you and never forget;But always Recall.The path to success lies troubles of frustration;But the heart of the righteous lies hope and faith.Think Beyond success and your imaginations will come true.Time will make us forget some people,but there are people who make us forget time and they are those we call best friends.The law of salvation has nothing to do with peace;But rather character and faith.A great character will always [...]
14 Years After The Murder Of Lucky Dude - Check Out The 3 People Who Killed Him-PicturesJanuary 09, 2022admin0
Lucky Philip Dube was a renowned Rastafarian and African reggae musician who was south Africa’s biggest selling reggae musician. After his parents separated before his birth, his mother who singly raised him decided to call him Lucky because she considered his birth fortunate after a number of failed pregnancies.Lucky together with his 2 other siblings Thandi and Mandla spent most of their childhood days with their grandmother Sarah while his mother relocate to work. 14 years ago on the evening of 18th October, 2007 the reggae musician was murdered in Johannesburg a suburb of Rosethenville. [...]
How To Achieve Positive  Success In LifeJanuary 09, 2022admin0
The success of life is one thing which everyone rushes behind. There are different ways and methods to attain it. But what works for you depends on your definition of success. For some people, the progress of life is doing well at their workplace or earning a high salary. While achieving for your personal self is essential, it is just a smaller part of the bigger things which you have in your life. Love, family, friendship, work, sports, and academics are some of the areas where'''' people look for success. [...]
Youthful Picture of ex President Atta Mills causes stir on Social MediaJanuary 09, 2022admin0
A picture of the late Ex president John Evans Atta Mills has circulated on social media, and Ghanaians and social media users can’t stop commenting about this picture. The late Atta Mills who was a professor, was loved and adored by Ghanaians for his humbleness and how he carried himself in the political field. His advocacy against tribalism and corruption was once of a kind. His youthful picture has really made Ghanaians missed him. Check the Picture of the late John Evans fiifi Atta Mills below.He was [...]
Post By LegacyJanuary 10, 2020Legacy0
My Baby-S.B ft. G Smart,Bello,Kissi,Chaki.mp3 - 4.1 MB G smart feat. Ezey Young - Melenugo (I got mouth).aac - 3.4 MB G Smart ft. Obuju Faya - Baba.mp3 - 4.8 MB [...]
post by LegacyJanuary 10, 2020Legacy0
Music Player.apk - 3.8 MB Opera Mini.apk - 4.5 MB Xender.apk - 18.4 MB Vivid Music.apk - 9.9 MB [...]
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