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What did Idi Amin give Saudi Arabia for his political asylum What did Idi Amin give Saudi Arabia for his political asylum After his death at 37 Military Hospital - the bats never returned After his death at 37 Military Hospital - the bats never returned Popular Ghanaian musician confirmed dead after being rushed to 37 Military Hospital Popular Ghanaian musician confirmed dead after being rushed to 37 Military Hospital
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What did Idi Amin give Saudi Arabia for his political asylum
What did Idi Amin give Saudi Arabia for his political asylum
Latest Russia Ukraine Conflict Updates -

Russia Ukraine Conflict

Two Officers From Africa Fighting For Russia Against Ukraine Confirmed Dead On Battle FieldMarch 29, 2022admin29
The war between- Ukraine and Russia has become something serious. Aside the numerous properties that were damaged as a result of the war, some civilians and military officers have also died as a result of the war. It is our fervent Prayer that this war will end as soon as possible in other to avoid the shedding of innocent blood. President Puttin and The Ukraine President must build consensus so that the war can stop.This particular war have persisted to the extend of affecting Africa countries. Economies of some Africa countries are now terrible as a [...]
You are making dangerous move – Russia warns US against transferring weapons to UkraineMarch 13, 2022admin1
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergei Ryabkov, has warned the United States (US) about the potential consequences of transferring weapons to Ukraine.Ryabkov said that convoys with foreign weapons would be “legitimate targets,” adding that the US would be making a ‘dangerous move.’ He stated this on Saturday on the state-run Channel One, according to Russia’s state-owned RIA Novosti news agency. Ryabkov said, “We warned the United States that pumping Ukraine with weapons from a number of countries orchestrated by them is not just a dangerous move, [...]
Signs of the end time - Apostle Amoako Attah drops another message to the worldMarch 13, 2022admin0
Prophet Francis Amoako Attah speaks about the end time today 8th February 2022 on Angel TV this morning on Anopa Bofo show. The man of God drops two powerful Quotations from the Bible to prove the signs of the end time. The first Bible verse was derived from Daniel Chapter 12. Prophet Francis Amoako Attah explain that, when God revealed the end time to Daniel, he was told to seal it until the time approach where''by the message will made known to the world. [...]
Ilhan Omar opposes sanctions for Russia because Russia is not IsraelMarch 13, 2022admin0
You can add Russia to the list of countries that Rep. Ilhan Omar opposes sanctioning while supporting sanctions against Israel. The Minnesota Democrat, who supports sanctioning Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and Russian oligarchs but opposes “broad-based sanctions,” voted against a bill that would ban Russian oil and expand sanctions on Russia. Omar opposed the bill because of the “devastating impact” it would have on the Russian people. Of course, this has never been a concern of hers when it comes to the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement against [...]
US ambassador to Israel said Putin is a madman and thousands could be killedMarch 01, 2022admin0
US Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides says Russian President Vladimir Putin is a “madman” and suggests that thousands of people could be killed in the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “Putin is a madman, and sadly, sadly, thousands of people could be killed, hundreds of thousands of people already have fled, creating one of the largest refugee crises Europe has seen probably in 40 years, if not longer,” says Nides, speaking at a Jewish People Policy Institute event alongside former US envoy Dennis Ross. Nides says [...]
Natasha Perakov Is The First Female Ukrainian Jet Fighter Who Was Killed By Russian ArmyMarch 01, 2022admin0
Death has robbed away another fine soul with a dashing beauty, sending great pain to family members, lovers, and friends to one that has been described as a gentle soul that has everyone at heart. One of such incident has been recorded on social media as emotional comments sparked out just after one of the pilots of the Ukrainian air-force battalion Natasha Perakov who's the first female Ukrainian jet fighter pilot lost her life battling the fierce Russian army. Ukraine and Russia been at war [...]
The American Stealth Bomber Jet Which Can Not Be Detected By Radar.February 27, 2022admin1
The Northrop B-2 Spirit which is also known as the Stealth Bomber is an American heavy strategic bomber that was designed during the Cold War by Northrop Grumman for the United States Air Force.The jet is powered by a 4 × General Electric F118-GE-100 non-afterburning turbofans engine with each producing 17,300 lbf (77 kN) thrust. It is operated by 2 crews; pilot (left seat) and mission commander (right seat). The jet is 69 ft 0 in (21.0 m) long, 17 ft 0 in (5.18 m) tall and can [...]
North Korea Fires At Least One Ballistic Missile - JapanFebruary 27, 2022admin0
North Korea launched a ballistic missile off the east coast of the Korean Peninsula on Sunday, South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said. The missile was fired from the Sunan area of North Korea at around 7.52 a.m. local time, the Joint Chiefs said. Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi said North Korea launched "at least one ballistic missile," that flew a distance of 300 kilometers (186 miles) and to a maximum altitude of 600 kilometers (373 miles), CNN reports. Sunday's missile firing is Pyongyang's first since January 30 local time, when [...]
Germany to Stop Russia - Scholz DeclaresFebruary 27, 2022admin0
Russia’s recent attack on Ukraine has really shocked people across the length and breadth of the globe. A good number of prominent leaders of the globe, including those from the clergy, as well as governments and international organisations have spoken vehemently against it. The United States of America, United Kingdom and the European Union have cut off Russia from SWIFT international payment system as a sanction to Russia. However, Germany has been silent ever since the war began. Today, the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz has announced Germany’s decisions and steps on the Russian Invasion.During his address [...]
Ukraine Parliament Approves Draft Law Allowing Citizens To Carry Firearms as an Act In Self DefenseFebruary 26, 2022admin0
Ukraine’s parliament voted Wednesday to approve a draft law allowing its citizens to carry firearms and defend themselves after Russia sent troops into two parts of eastern Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized two separatist-controlled Ukrainian territories Monday – a move that President Joe Biden dubbed as “the beginning of a Russian invasion of Ukraine” during remarks Tuesday. [...]
France To Send 500 Troops To Romania As Russia Pushes Towards KyivFebruary 26, 2022admin1
French President Emmanuel Macron in recent weeks had thrown his energy into diplomacy in an attempt to avert a Russian invasion of Ukraine.Paris: France is to deploy 500 military personnel as part of NATO forces to Romania after Russia invaded neighbouring Ukraine, the army chief of staff said Friday. "NATO has decided to reinforce its presence to send a very clear sign of strategic solidarity, to position forces in Romania," Thierry Burkhard told Radio France Internationale and broadcaster France24. "We will send around 500 men with armoured vehicles." He said France [...]
Russian space chief says he could let International Space Station crash into US if sanctions proceedFebruary 26, 2022angela0
On Thursday, amid new announcements of sanctions on the Russian economy by the United States and NATO in retaliation for the invasion of Ukraine, Dimitry Rogozin, the chief of the Russian space corporation Roscosmos, made an eyebrow-raising threat: that if the sanctions continue, Russia could stop maintaining the orbit of the International Space Station and allow it to crash into the United States. "If you block cooperation with us, who will save the ISS from an [...]
UEFA to move Champions League final out of Russia amid Ukraine invasionFebruary 24, 2022admin0
UEFA will no longer stage this season's Champions League final in St. Petersburg after Russia attacked Ukraine, The Associated Press has learned.An extraordinary meeting of the UEFA ---executive committee will be held at 0900 GMT on Friday to discuss the crisis and where''' officials are likely to confirm whether the 2022 Champions League final on Saturday, May 28 should still be held at the Gazprom Arena in St. Petersburg, Russia, a source told the AP.“Following the evolution of the situation between--- Russia and Ukraine in [...]
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