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Polygamy is not a sin Leader of Common Sense Family Avram Ben MosheJanuary 09, 2022admin0
The Leader and Founder of the Common Sense Family (CSF), Avram Ben Moshe has stated that polygamy is not a sin.He made this statement during a discussion with Halifax Ansah Addo on Okay FM’s ‘Best Entertainment' program which was monitored by StreetMusic News. Avram used quotes from the Bible to buttress his points. He explained that there is a difference between-- opinion and the law and according to him, Paul’s stance on marriage was his opinion.The leader of CSF stressed that [...]
The Naturality Of Saint GweedeAugust 24, 2019Thunder0
(1.) I am the Eagle,Coz I Fly by Myself. (2.) I am the Lion,Coz I am Brave to secure My life. (3.) I am the Snake,Coz I am Wise. (4.) I am the Dragon,Coz I carry plagues. (5.) I am the cheetah,Coz I Run Fast pass All.(6.) I am the Ant,Coz I am Tangible.(7.) I am the Dove,Coz I carry Healings. (8.) I am the Tiger,Coz I am Handsome. [...]
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